Why Thoroughly Inspecting and Maintaining You Home’s Sprinkler System May Be to Your Advantage

We rely on sprinkler systems to be dependable system extensions of our home but we may not necessarily pay attention to the issues and problems they may encounter which require maintenance and tune-ups.

For this reason, local Satellite Beach, FL Experts, Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation is ready and waiting to take your calls any time at (321) 243-0363. We offer effect and affordable sprinkler system repair and maintenance or even installation depending on your needs.A sprinkler system is responsible for converting the tough water pressure, existing in its pipes via the plumbing system, into a light enough usable spray to promote healthy lawn grass growth. Lawns are important to Satellite Beach, FL homes because the grass maintains our home’s appearance as outlined by certain local laws and a healthy lawn also preserves garden and tree growth both of which can regulate malicious insect numbers around your home. Aside from that, the lawn can serve as a token of pride and convey and image of your home which you may want to convey.

Lawns can deteriorate quite easily from the several droughts Florida is known to go through. While rains are prevalent here, we often have dry spells as well. Water is pretty abundant in the air, but the roots of the plants we have here have only a small amount of Earth to collect their water from before they hit solid Limestone rock. The water we facilitate into our lawns and gardens will ensure an adequate amount of moisture to survive. For this, we inevitably depend highly on the efficiency and effectiveness of our sprinkler systems.

However they, like all other systems, need care and maintenance to continue giving us their full use. Vehicles, debris form storms and other hazards can cause damage to our sprinkler systems which are never repaired causing the rest of the system to slowly deteriorate over time. Homeowners should know just how to operate the systems controller in order to mediate a problem and homeowners should know who to call when a problem begins to spring up which they cannot control.

Likewise, a homeowner should be familiar with all the intricate components of a sprinkler system so that they can sort out issues when they arise. Most often, people have neither the time, skill nor patience to properly maintain or repair their sprinkler system.

For this reason, local Satellite Beach, FL Experts, Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation is ready and waiting to take your calls any time at (321) 243-0363. We offer effect and affordable sprinkler system repair and maintenance or even installation depending on your needs. We perform full system diagnostics for concerns and our service is number one. Call today!

What are Plumbing Emergencies, and how are they Prevented?

At Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation, we pride ourselves on prompt emergency service and professional as well as functional work for our customers. If you have a plumbing emergency in Satellite Beach, FL, then give us a call at (321) 243-0363 and we would be happy to help!A plumbing emergency can be a whole array of problems or it can be a singular problem, but no matter what is will always pose a threat to your home or your family’s safety. Plumbing emergencies can range from mild – such as leaks, drips, or stopped pipes – to extreme – such as burst pipes or blown valves. When you have mild emergency, you might have a bit more time to think about your next move carefully, but if your home faces a tragic emergency like a burst pipe, the damages will grow exponentially if you don’t think and act quickly. Having a local trusted expert already in mind is essential in preventing irreparable damage to your home or your health. Sometimes, you don’t have time to think too hard but you still need to act fast, and that’s why being proactive and having a residential emergency plumber’s number is the best way to stay safe.

Utilities are systems which draw resources to your home like water, gas and electricity via a network of either pipes, tubes or wires so that you and your family can use them safely. What we are worried about are those pipes, tubes and wires. The hidden pipes and tubes in your home pose the biggest threat to your safety. What you don’t see or realize under the floorboards or in the walls, may be emergencies in the making. Many do not even attempt to regularly perform plumbing inspections or pipe cleanings for years and these are the people who face the highest risk. Pipe inspections are a key parts of your plumbing system’s longevity.

What you risk by not paying too much attention to your plumbing is water leakage in the form of either pipe bursts or residual leakage. Each of these threatens to damage your home’s walls or flooring, or even to short circuit electrical wiring. Short circuits can be extremely dangerous when they occur while someone is using an appliance which draws a substantial amount of energy. Although modern homes have breakers to cut electrical power in the event of a short circuit, electrical malfunction causes instant damage which means that, no matter how quickly the breaker trips, the damage can be done. For an unsuspecting resident of a home, an instant is all it takes for a disaster to occur.

Regular plumbing inspections from a certified local plumber is important but, it is no more important than knowing what to do in the even an emergency does occur with your plumbing. Malfunctions can occur for a whole variety of reasons regardless of regular maintenance (although the chances are extremely thin when you have a well maintained system). This is why it is essential to have a trusted local certified plumber who can handle emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without their help in a pinch, you could face hundreds of dollars in extra repairs and damages which could have been avoided by an experienced plumber. When it’s late at night and pipes burst, there’s not much the average homeowner can do but call a pro in the solve the problem

Times are not the easiest for anyone financially and we cannot afford to be wasting excessive amounts of money on repairs, even in the event of an emergency. You need to have confidence that the local emergency plumbing contractor you rely on is credible and legitimate. Will they be transparent enough to assure you, you’re not getting ripped off, while you’re vulnerable? Sometimes, the uncertified, illegitimate plumbers near you will try to swindle you for your hard-earned money by claiming to offer expert emergency plumbing help. No one is more suited to serve you than a licensed pro. Do your research and know who your trusted local emergency plumber is.

At Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation, we pride ourselves on prompt emergency service and professional as well as functional work for our customers. If you have a plumbing emergency in Satellite Beach, FL, then give us a call at (321) 243-0363 and we would be happy to help!

Everything You Need to Know about Gas Lines

For the best Melbourne, FL service, contact Competitive Plumbing & irrigation at (321) 250-5733 today!The gas lines that run through your home start at the gas main. Depending on the age of your home, and when the last time any work was done on your gas lines, you lines may be made out of a few different kinds of materials. Each of these materials is going to need slightly different maintenance, so it is good to know what kind you have installed in your home. If your home is rater old and hasn’t had any updating done you are most likely going to have black cast iron gas lines. If you can, it is advisable to have these lines replaced with a more modern material because cast iron lines are less reliable than newer materials.

Newer houses are likely to have either solid stainless steel pipe or a special kind of plastic tubing. If your home has stainless steel pipes, you should know that they are prone to rust over time so it is a good idea to have your gas lines inspected once a year. If you have stainless steel pipes you should make sure you are well informed on the signs of a gas leak, the most common signals are:
·         smelling a rotten egg odor
·         gas appliances making noise
·         malfunctioning gas appliances

If you ever detect signs of a gas leak, no matter what kind of pipes you have in your home, you should leave the house immediately and contact a qualified professional contractor.

Gas leaks are dangerous and they can even be deadly. Inhaling too much natural gas can cause asphyxiation, which is a condition in which the body is not getting enough oxygen, and this can cause a variety of problems, or perhaps even death. The newer your gas lines are the lower your chance of experiencing a gas leak are. If your home was built in the last few years, you may be one of the lucky few that have stainless steel flex lines installed. These are some of the safest types of gas lines on the market.

Regardless of the age of your home, or the style of pipes your home has, gas leaks are dangerous. Have your lines inspected regularly to avoid costly repairs and dangerous situations. For the best Melbourne, FL service, contact Competitive Plumbing & irrigation at (321) 250-5733 today!

Taking Care of your Water Heater

Competitive Plumbing and Irrigation. Our prices beat out the competition in Satellite Beach, FL so that you can afford our quality service! Call us today at (321) 250-5733.Water heaters are designed to provide years of service with relatively little maintenance required. Although the water heater is not a particularly complex device, water heaters do require some care in order to remain fully functional. Keeping water heaters in good condition requires following a few basic rules.

One of the biggest issues that can cause problems with water heaters is also one of the easiest issues to resolve. Because water heaters are typically kept in out of the way places, such as closets or basements, people tend to use the areas directly around water heaters to store unwanted or rarely used household items. While this may seem like a good idea, water heaters actually require at least some clear space around them in order to keep functioning properly.

Sediment buildup occurs in every water heater. A small amount of sediment won’t cause any problems in the short term. Over the long term, as sediment continues to build up, the functioning of a water heater can be severely impaired. In order to avoid serious damage, sediment should be removed periodically.

Most water heaters contain a temperature and pressure relief valve. This valve works as a
failsafe ensuring that the water heater doesn’t explode in case of a sudden buildup of pressure. This valve should be checked periodically. Replacing a malfunctioning valve can prevent potentially dangerous accidents from occurring.

Water heaters work better when they are insulated. Insulating a water heater allows it to run more efficiently, extending its useful life and lowering the cost of using the heater. Insulating blankets for water heaters can be purchased at most hardware stores.
The best way to maintain a water heater is to have it serviced on a regular basis.

Because water heaters work in the background, most people give little thought to them until a problem occurs. Scheduling annual water heater maintenance insures that waters heaters continue to provide safe and reliable service.

For your next water heater maintenance job or water heater installation project, use the reliability and expertise of Competitive Plumbing and Irrigation. Our prices beat out the competition in Satellite Beach, FL so that you can afford our quality service! Call us today at (321) 250-5733.

Common Problems with Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems Satellite Beach | Residential Plumber | Irrigation Services

For the most affordable and effective irrigation system service in Satellite Beach, FL, contact Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation at (321) 243-0363.Every homeowner wants to have the best lawn on the block. The best way to keep your lawn looking beautiful is by using a sprinkler system. While they do keep your lawn looking wonderful, homeowners must be aware of the common problems these systems may come with. Being aware of the problems beforehand and being proactive will help keep your lawn healthy and radiant.

  1. Leaks are are among the most common problems which emerge from sprinkler systems. When leaks occur they waste water and raise your water bill. There are a couple techniques that can be used to check for leaks. Here are some ways to check for leaking in your sprinklers:
    • One technique is to cut off the water in the house. Once you stop water usage inside the home, locate your water meter. The water meter should have a small dial for small water consumption. If all the water is off inside the home and the dial is still spinning, that is the sign of a leak located outside.
    • Another technique to find leaks is to check the sprinkler system the day after you use it. When you check the sprinkler heads look for puddles and/or excessive moisture around the heads. If you notice these things, that is also the sign of a leak.
  1. Another common problem is damaged or cracked pipes. To check for this problem look for pools of water in the area of the lawn where the pipe passes. You can also look for gradual drops in water pressure. In fact, if you’ve ever seen wild plumes of water shoot from a sprinkler head, this is likely the problem.
  1. A blocked or broken sprinkler head is another common issue homeowners face with their sprinklers. A broken sprinkler head can result in sporadic water distribution. Even worse, the sprinkler could stop working completely. To check for this issue, be on the lookout for dry and wet patches in your lawn. Growing puddles of water located around the sprinkler head can be another sign that it may be broken.

It is important to be aware of the problems that can occur with your sprinkler system. Small problems can turn into big ones very quickly. what you should do as soon as you spot an issue, is seek help from your local Satellite Beach Residential Plumber. They can either offer you repiping/sprinkler repair services or they may advise you on a quick solution, you can apply. If you don’t go through a licensed expert on irrigation system, you may end up causing a bigger problem than you began with. For the most affordable and effective irrigation system service in Satellite Beach, FL, contact Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation at (321) 243-0363.

Heads up about DIY drain cleaning

Drain Cleaning Satellite Beach, FL | Residential Plumber | Clogged Drain Repair

For a drain cleaning in Satellite Beach, FL give Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation a call at (321) 243-0363. Their service is both affordable and premium-quality so your results will be beyond expectations.Keeping your drains clean and clear is an important part of maintaining the plumbing system of your home. It is vital that you give your drains regular attention to keep clogs from building up, because drain clogs can lead to other plumbing problems. Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, drain clogs have a way of compounding issues. These issues have been known to drive homeowners mad from the stress of dealing with a deteriorating plumbing system which is being constantly used throughout the day. If you are one who knows little about plumbing repairs or drain cleaning, then this can cause quite a headache.

There are many DIY plumbing resources online which mislead people into performing “tricks” which are very bad ideas. One of the most common misconceptions is that it is necessary to boil water and pour it down your drain in order to clear up blockages. Moreover, some websites even recommend mixing substances like baking soda and drain cleaners with the boiling water. We can assure you that his is a very bad idea! Do not pour any boiling water down your drains and definitely do not mix this boiling water with chemicals! There are two main reasons why you really don’t want to listen to these websites. First off, any licensed local plumber can tell you about the Universal Plumbing Code (UPC), which delineates quite specifically that pouring water at extreme temperatures down the drain can damage valves, break down crucial linings and even cause leaks. Plumbers follow the UPC for a reason and it’s best abided by. In addition, mixing other chemicals with this method is likely to cause a chemical reaction within your piping. This can be bad for several reasons, but besides the possibility of bursting your pipes with chemicals, the reaction you may cause has a chance of pushing the solution back up and into your face. Something about scalding hot chemicals in a person’s face sure makes this idea seem less than advisable….

About the best you can do in terms of DIY drain cleaning is commercial drain cleaning chemicals OR running hot (but not boiling) water for several minutes down your drain. This practice can break up fatty particles from discarded food stuffs which may be lining your pipes. Occasionally running warm water down the drain for 10-20 minutes can actually solve many drain problems without calling your local plumber. We understand why people attempt DIY drain cleaning, but we also want people to be safe. Give some calm and well-thought out solutions a try, but if you drains are not clearing up well enough, then they most likely need specific tools to be cleared. This is where your plumber of choice comes in.

A local licensed plumber in your area can offer the help you need at an affordable price. Drain cleanings are often speedy jobs and the work that a professional plumber does can make the pipes and drain last unclogged for much longer than any DIY solution can promise. For a drain cleaning in Satellite Beach, FL give Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation a call at (321) 243-0363. Their service is both affordable and premium-quality so your results will be beyond expectations. Please don’t put yourself or your home in danger, call a professional.

Signs Your Pool May Be In Need Of Repair

Pool Repair Satellite Beach, FL | Residential Plumber | Pool Installation | Maintenance Services

The most affordable and reliable plumber in the Satellite Beach, FL area is Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation. Call us today at (321) 243-0363 in order to take advantage of our bar-none pool repair service.There are a couple of things you should be aware of when it comes to deciding when you need pool repair. Keep in mind that the age of the pool matters. Even pools that are well maintained will begin to show signs of aging after five or more years. This is especially true of pools in the colder areas of the country. If your pool was already installed when you bought your house, you might not know how well it was maintained. It’s important that pools are always opened and closed properly at the beginning and end of every swimming year. If you are new to pool ownership, contact a reputable pool dealer in your area.

Water Chemistry:
If you are applying all chemicals as needed and yet your pool water chemistry remains unbalanced, this might be a sign you need pool repair. It could be that your filter is not working correctly. Do not try to fix this one yourself, because you could wind up doing extensive damage which will make your pool unusable. Contact a professional pool repair company to come out and take a look.

The Filter:
Your filter is one of the most important ingredients that goes into keeping your pool sparkling clean. If it is going on and off, making grinding or other noises, or overheating, it’s time to call in a professional. Do not let someone who is improperly trained or unlicensed in pool maintenance work on the filter. This can cause damage and even get someone hurt.

The Water Jets:
Another set of components to look out for are the water jets. If the jets that circulate the water in the pool are blowing at low capacity, they could be clogged or have broken lines. This is especially common if your pool is in a wooded area.

If any of these problems exist in your home’s pool, it is time to think about having your local plumber come in and perform a professional pool repair service. The longer you let your pool go without being properly repaired, the more the water and chemicals will damage the components and the more expensive it will be to repair, in both time and money. The most affordable and reliable plumber in the Satellite Beach, FL area is Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation. Call us today at (321) 243-0363 in order to take advantage of our bar-none pool repair service.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Sprinkler System

If you have an automatic sprinkler or plan on getting one, it can be helpful to know how they work in case you ever have to perform a repair or need to make an adjustment. Sprinkler systems can actually get quite complex, but this should help break things down so that you can understand all of the components involved.

Unless the sprinkler system is set up for just a small yard, there won’t be enough water pressure to allow for the sprinkler system to water the entire yard at once. For this reason, sections of your sprinkler system are broken down into “zones.” The sprinkler system will activate one zone at a time, and then switch to another zone and turn off the previous one. This allows the entire yard to get watered without requiring an enormous amount of water pressure. This is all automated with an automatic sprinkler valve.

Sprinkler Timer
When you deal with a system that uses time, a timer is always used to determine the length of time for each process of a system. This isn’t any different for automatic sprinkler systems. The timer will decide how long each zone should be watered, what times to water the yard and different areas, and when to shut down for the day. The timer can be adjusted by the user so that they can schedule the watering times to meet their needs. For example, if a homeowner was going to play volleyball with their kids in the backyard, they could schedule the sprinkler to turn on an hour later.

Pipe System
Automatic sprinkler systems don’t use a simple hose to supply water to the individual sprinklers because that is inefficient and doesn’t look good, and so an underground pipe system is used instead. The water is pushed through the pipes to the sprinklers themselves. The downside to a pipe system is having to place it into the ground and keep it maintained, but it is well worth the extra effort.

Ready to have a new sprinkler system professionally installed for your home’s lawn or having an irrigation problem?  Call your Indialantic irrigation experts at Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation today by dialing  321-243-0363

Top Common Pool Problems

There are many homes that have pools in their yards. Having a pool is great for most homeowners, but there are common problems that occur with them that unfortunately are in the hands of the owner. One of the most common pool problems that can happen is having algae affliction. This is when the pools surface becomes green and looks like a big swamp. This typically occurs when the level of chlorine is low. It is important to shock the pool and use algaecide to make sure that the algae has been exterminated before anyone or thing has gotten back into the water.

Another common problem that occurs in pools is havinga clogged filter. Debris can clog up the filter causing the filter to become unworkable. The filter is just doing its job, but it can be frustrating for a homeowner who comes home to a very dirty pool that has not been cleaned properly because of the filter being full. Filter maintenance can be done to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. It is important that the filter is cleaned out when it is clogged up and should also be cleaned with chemicals at least once yearly.

Murky water can also occur. It can be very hard to see what is deep down in the pool and is typically caused by wrong pH levels. The rain can be very acidic and it can affect pools greatly. Testing the water for its pH level and making sure it is adjusted properly can be a quick fix to this problem. Another problem that occurs regularly when it comes to pools is stain agitation. There can be a brown stain on the floor and walls of the pool.

A lot of times a homeowner has no idea where it has came from. A professional should be called to test the water and figure out what is causing the staining if degreaser made to remove pH does not do the trick. Having a pool can be a very rewarding thing for a homeowner, but also quite the job. Making sure it is kept maintained can help eliminate serious problems from occurring.

Call Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation, your Satellite Beach pool repair and maintenance specialists, today at 321-243-0363 to ensure your outdoor oasis is providing you and your loved ones with the look and feel of a clean, sparkling and refreshing swimming experience daily! 

The Importance of Frequent Drain Cleaning

Most people never take the time to clean the pipes in their home until they are clogged and need professional help. It is easy to do and most homeowners would save money and time if they made sure the drains in the home were in good working condition.

If the drain is clear, the water will run freely and quickly. Grease, hair, food and other things can easily build up in the pipes and cause the drain to clog. This can happen in any drain in the home. The shower, bathroom or kitchen sink will all eventually need to be cleaned, so being proactive is the best way to solve the problem.

There are many products on the market that will solve this simple problem. Using them on a regular basis will be the only way to prevent this build up. Even if the drain seems to be flowing freely, it is a good idea to treat them on a regular basis.

It is a good idea to monitor what goes down the drain in the kitchen. Even with a garbage disposal, things can build up. Potatoes, carrots and rice have been known to cause backups in the kitchen. Nothing is worse then having a houseful of friends for dinner with a clogged drain. Use plenty of warm soapy water after doing the dishes to make sure grease and other things get washed down the drain.

If the drain is clogged, it is a good idea to call a professional plumber. This is not a job for the average homeowner. Plumbers have the tools to solve the problem. Sometimes there might be a problem that is not evident. The roots of trees can interfere with the pipes and cause them to break. All these things need to be considered before trying to take the sink apart.

Never take the chance of water backing up in the walls and floors because of a clogged drain. Not only can it cause mold, it will be expensive and difficult to fix. So take the extra time to keep those drains clean. It is worth the effort.

If you have a drain that is clogged in your Melbourne, Fl home or commercial building, please contact Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation. We are available 24 hours a day, call us anytime at (321)250-5733 to schedule a visit.