Common Problems with Sprinkler Systems

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For the most affordable and effective irrigation system service in Satellite Beach, FL, contact Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation at (321) 243-0363.Every homeowner wants to have the best lawn on the block. The best way to keep your lawn looking beautiful is by using a sprinkler system. While they do keep your lawn looking wonderful, homeowners must be aware of the common problems these systems may come with. Being aware of the problems beforehand and being proactive will help keep your lawn healthy and radiant.

  1. Leaks are are among the most common problems which emerge from sprinkler systems. When leaks occur they waste water and raise your water bill. There are a couple techniques that can be used to check for leaks. Here are some ways to check for leaking in your sprinklers:
    • One technique is to cut off the water in the house. Once you stop water usage inside the home, locate your water meter. The water meter should have a small dial for small water consumption. If all the water is off inside the home and the dial is still spinning, that is the sign of a leak located outside.
    • Another technique to find leaks is to check the sprinkler system the day after you use it. When you check the sprinkler heads look for puddles and/or excessive moisture around the heads. If you notice these things, that is also the sign of a leak.
  1. Another common problem is damaged or cracked pipes. To check for this problem look for pools of water in the area of the lawn where the pipe passes. You can also look for gradual drops in water pressure. In fact, if you’ve ever seen wild plumes of water shoot from a sprinkler head, this is likely the problem.
  1. A blocked or broken sprinkler head is another common issue homeowners face with their sprinklers. A broken sprinkler head can result in sporadic water distribution. Even worse, the sprinkler could stop working completely. To check for this issue, be on the lookout for dry and wet patches in your lawn. Growing puddles of water located around the sprinkler head can be another sign that it may be broken.

It is important to be aware of the problems that can occur with your sprinkler system. Small problems can turn into big ones very quickly. what you should do as soon as you spot an issue, is seek help from your local Satellite Beach Residential Plumber. They can either offer you repiping/sprinkler repair services or they may advise you on a quick solution, you can apply. If you don’t go through a licensed expert on irrigation system, you may end up causing a bigger problem than you began with. For the most affordable and effective irrigation system service in Satellite Beach, FL, contact Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation at (321) 243-0363.