Everything You Need To Know About Your Sprinkler System

If you have an automatic sprinkler or plan on getting one, it can be helpful to know how they work in case you ever have to perform a repair or need to make an adjustment. Sprinkler systems can actually get quite complex, but this should help break things down so that you can understand all of the components involved.

Unless the sprinkler system is set up for just a small yard, there won’t be enough water pressure to allow for the sprinkler system to water the entire yard at once. For this reason, sections of your sprinkler system are broken down into “zones.” The sprinkler system will activate one zone at a time, and then switch to another zone and turn off the previous one. This allows the entire yard to get watered without requiring an enormous amount of water pressure. This is all automated with an automatic sprinkler valve.

Sprinkler Timer
When you deal with a system that uses time, a timer is always used to determine the length of time for each process of a system. This isn’t any different for automatic sprinkler systems. The timer will decide how long each zone should be watered, what times to water the yard and different areas, and when to shut down for the day. The timer can be adjusted by the user so that they can schedule the watering times to meet their needs. For example, if a homeowner was going to play volleyball with their kids in the backyard, they could schedule the sprinkler to turn on an hour later.

Pipe System
Automatic sprinkler systems don’t use a simple hose to supply water to the individual sprinklers because that is inefficient and doesn’t look good, and so an underground pipe system is used instead. The water is pushed through the pipes to the sprinklers themselves. The downside to a pipe system is having to place it into the ground and keep it maintained, but it is well worth the extra effort.

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