Top Common Pool Problems

There are many homes that have pools in their yards. Having a pool is great for most homeowners, but there are common problems that occur with them that unfortunately are in the hands of the owner. One of the most common pool problems that can happen is having algae affliction. This is when the pools surface becomes green and looks like a big swamp. This typically occurs when the level of chlorine is low. It is important to shock the pool and use algaecide to make sure that the algae has been exterminated before anyone or thing has gotten back into the water.

Another common problem that occurs in pools is havinga clogged filter. Debris can clog up the filter causing the filter to become unworkable. The filter is just doing its job, but it can be frustrating for a homeowner who comes home to a very dirty pool that has not been cleaned properly because of the filter being full. Filter maintenance can be done to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. It is important that the filter is cleaned out when it is clogged up and should also be cleaned with chemicals at least once yearly.

Murky water can also occur. It can be very hard to see what is deep down in the pool and is typically caused by wrong pH levels. The rain can be very acidic and it can affect pools greatly. Testing the water for its pH level and making sure it is adjusted properly can be a quick fix to this problem. Another problem that occurs regularly when it comes to pools is stain agitation. There can be a brown stain on the floor and walls of the pool.

A lot of times a homeowner has no idea where it has came from. A professional should be called to test the water and figure out what is causing the staining if degreaser made to remove pH does not do the trick. Having a pool can be a very rewarding thing for a homeowner, but also quite the job. Making sure it is kept maintained can help eliminate serious problems from occurring.

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